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Does hand sanitiser actually work?

As a general rule, studies frequently conclude that the best way to keep your hands clean is with soap, water and a 20 seconds worth of elbow grease, and this should be done often. However, hand sanitiser gels are still considered effective when used properly. Some tips for proper use include: Visible Dirtiness If your…

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School Holidays, the clean house survival guide….

Connect Cleaning Newcastle School Holiday Survival Guide

The autumn school holidays are here and whether parents are excited or not, most will agree it’s challenging work keeping the house spotless when the little people are home every day. The weather lately is still quite good, so the holidays will probably still include plenty of outdoor fun, but on the days when it’s…

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The truth about carpet protectors – do they really work?

The general assumption with carpet protectors is that they do protect carpet, and the decision to invest in this protection is usually a financially based one. However, the real pre-purchase question should probably be- does it really work?

If you’re looking in to carpet protection, here are some questions you may want to take under consideration:

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How hygienic is your workplace washroom?

The extent to which fellow workers follow the unwritten, yet golden rules of public toilet usage is quite important when you consider that the average person will spend one third of their lifetime at work. While we hope and trust everyone practices the basics, like flushing and handwashing, washrooms of any kind are still breeding grounds for all manner of bacteria, viruses and germs.

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Hygiene & paper consumables

Did you know you can purchase all your Hygiene and paper consumables from TFC Services?

We supply and provide a wide range of products such as toilet paper, interleaved hand towel, paper roll towel, liquid and foam soap, and all relevant dispensers.

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Grounds maintenance

TFC Services provides a full range of Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services across the Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and Lake Macquarie areas.

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Testing & tagging

Is your electrical appliances in your work place tagged and up to date?

Do you know what your obligations within the work place are regarding your testing and tagging?

TFC Services provides testing and tagging services for all plug-in electrical appliances and equipment to ensure your workplace is compliant with Australian Standard AS3760-2010.

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High cleaning & window cleaning

We have recently purchased a new Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System that can reach the height of a third floor building and this gives us access to clean many high areas including signage and windows.

By using Deionized Water through a filtration system, we are able to clean windows streak free without the use of any chemicals.

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Pressure washing – available through TFC Services

At TFC Services we provide a Pressure washing service. We have two machines – one electric and one petrol, and we can use these machine to clean drive ways, school play grounds, Walk ways and sports grounds.

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TFC Services has been selected as a finalist for the 2016 Hunter Business Awards.

Congratulations! TFC Services has been selected as a finalist for the 2016 Hunter Business Awards.

Australia’s most prestigious regional business awards acknowledging excellence and diversity across the region. The 2016 Hunter Business Awards will be held on Friday 5 August at Wests City, Newcastle West.

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