Deep Floor Cleaner Training

the-wizzardThe Perfect Floor Cleaning Partner 

The “Wizzard” is a unique, versatile, high quality mini floor washing machine, designed to clean different types of floors. This machine can scrub, wash, mop, clean and dry all in one go. It removes dirt from virtually every kind of floor surface and leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes.

The WIZZARD will give you years of trouble- free service and will help you to maintain your floors cleaner than ever before, with great ease. We did our best to supply you with an efficient and dependable machine. Before taking your WIZZARD into operation, please carefully read these operating instructions, which gives you details about operation of the unit and contains valuable information for service and maintenance.

The WIZZARD Floor Washing Machine is an ideal machine to clean hard floors in small and medium areas like offices, hospitals, restaurants, shopping complexes and in many commercial applications. It dispenses / sprays plain water / detergent solution, scrubs and picks up the dirty water – all in a single pass. Wizzard has different optional brushes to suit a variety of applications. This machine can be used (only) on smooth even floors like Mosaic, natural stone floors, PVC, Smooth concrete, cut-pile carpet, Wood and Profiled Rubber. It should not be used on rough uneven surfaces.

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