Employee Induction Program

Information for new Connect Cleaning Employees

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our team, you have jointed Hunter Valleys regional new business of the year 2015. We are a business that is growing and is very successful in its field, your employment is very important to us. We look forward to working with you as we continue to provide professional and quality to our clients, while also providing a rewarding and supportive environment to our employees.

When an employee starts at Connect Cleaning, the employee’s Supervisor or manager will request that the employee reads this handbook thoroughly and becomes familiar with the policies. Once this handbook has been read, the employee will have to tick the boxes to show they have read and understood the information. This will then become part of the employees personnel file.

Its is important you understand a little about the Company and how its grown and development in services in which it operates.

The Company was started by Jason and Phillipa Rooney in October 2013. Jason has been in the service industry for many years having worked as a senior manager in the service industry for over 15 years. In particular he has worked and managed large commercial portfolios within Spotless and Menzies as NSW State Manager, and managed key accounts like Stockland Shopping Centres, Australia Post and Newcastle Permanent Building Society. This experience provides the backbone of the business and is what enables Connect Cleaning to provide high quality service at a competitive price. Jason oversees the Operations of the Business and handles the logistics when it comes to mobilising new contracts as well as the continued operations of existing clients.

Phillipa has a management background, having had the opportunity to work at many different levels, Assistant Manager, Manager, Area Manager and Accounts Manager, As well as training for a large company within the UK that involved extensive travel around Europe. Phillipa brings to Connect Cleaning services her management expertise and a vast amount of training experience. Working as Business Development Manager, Phillipa’s role also covers HR and has created the New employee induction Program and the 10 Step Training program. This keeping the staff fully trained on all the latest advanced techniques.

Connect Cleaning offers a strong account management structure, with Jason overseeing the account manager’s team and will be insuring all inspecting are carried out on a regular basis and looked after by his team, making sure the standards are maintained at the highest levels. One of the aims at Connect Cleaning services is to become the industries ‘employer of choice’ meaning the company offers strong training programs and employee incentives.

With strong relationships with chemical, equipment and consumable suppliers, which enables the company to deliver competitive, pricing and also enable them to get the consumables at short notice. All equipment for the sites are purchased new giving better reliability, better functionality and able to last the duration of the contract. Together with a regular maintenance plan ensures all equipment gives an edge over others.

Connect Cleaning services started off as a small company working under the name Total Facility Cleaning Services. Which quickly expanded to not only cleaning but also Grounds, Safety and hygiene and by doing so this opened up more opportunities for growth.

Today there are four main areas: Connect Cleaning, Connect Cleaning Safety, Connect Cleaning Hygiene, Connect Cleaning Grounds.

Connect Cleaning Pty Ltd

General information


The employee is to read and complete (where necessary) the forms as part of their orientation and induction into their employment:

  1. New employee application
  2. Personnel details and bank details
  3. Superannuation form
  4. Tax declaration form
  5. Emergency contact details
  6. Uniform request form
  7. Photo identification
  8. Police check

Electronic funds transfer

Electronic transfer into your bank account of your choice will pay your salary/wages fortnightly. Funds will be deposited into your account no later than COB Thursday following the end of the pay cycle. Please contact HR officer if you need a new form or to update your details.

Salary and wage review

Connect Cleaning will review salaries on an annual basis. This review may not result in any increase in your salary and is conducted in July.


Connect Cleaning services use Australian Super for employees superannuation fund. However if you wish to use your own Superannuation fund please fill in the relevant form.

Contributions to the relevant superannuation scheme are made by Connect Cleaning on behalf of each employee. The minimum level of contribution is currently set at 9.5% per annum of the employee’s total remuneration (excluding superannuation) and is made on a quarterly basis.

Annual Leave

After the completion of twelve months service, each permanent employee shall be entitled to four weeks annual leave in accordance with his or her letter of appointment, exclusive of public holidays. Casual employees have no entitlement to annual leave.

Annual leave may be taken in advance but only with the agreement of both he employer and employee. Annual leave must be scheduled and approved in advance by the supervisor or manager. In order to task leave, employees must request their leave via Xero no less than two weeks prior to their date of the first day of leave. During certain busy times of the year, annual leave requests may be denied. An employee may be directed by Connect Cleaning services to take annual leave on the giving of four weeks written notice.

Upon termination of employment, employees will be paid for any unused accruals of annual leave.

Public holidays

  Connect Cleaningservice observes the following public holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • Anzac Day
  • Australia Day
  • Queens Birthday
  • Good Friday
  • Labour Day
  • Easter Saturday
  • Easter Monday
  • Christmas Day Boxing Day

Sick leave (applies to employees only)

In the event of personal sickness or carers leave an employee must advise their immediate supervisor or manager as early as possible on the day that they are away and any subsequent days. So relevant cover can be organised.

A doctor’s certificate must be submitted if the employee is absence greater than two days. The supervisor following an absence before or after a public holiday or multiple single sick days may also request a doctor’s certificate.


Timesheets are completed on a fortnightly basis but should be updated following all completed shifts. Connect Cleaning uses Xero for its timesheet entry and must be entered and completed via the Employee Portal in Xero no later than 5pm Monday following the completion of the fortnightly work cycle.

Information on using the employee portal can be found at https://www.xero.com/au/tv/video/5077-employee-portal-au/

Unpaid leave (applies to employees only)

Unpaid leave will only be granted to full time or part time employees who have used up all other entitlements to paid leave, In order to take any leave, employees must request their leave in writing no less than two weeks prior to their date of the first day of leave. This will then need to be approved by your supervisor or Manger.

Uniform and Personnel appearance

You are required to wear your Connect Cleaning services uniform at all times whilst on site and at work. A uniform will be distributed to you once you have completed all the paperwork for employment. The uniform is a Connect Cleaning polo top. Depending on which area you will be working, there are different colours. High Vis and hard hats are also available if you are working on sites that require this.

You are to be clean, neat, tidy and professional whilst working for Connect Cleaning services at all times. The uniform is black trousers, black polo top and (closed toe) flat shoes including black socks. A Connect Cleaning black fleece is available in the winter. For end of lease cleaning and new builders clean, trainers and black leggings can be worn with the Connect Cleaning polo top.


Your supervisor or manager will talk to you about your roster/work run. It is your responsibility to regularly check your rosters and ensure you remember your shift. If any changes are made to your roster you will be informed in advance of a period of 2 weeks.

If you are not able to complete the relevant shift at the time detailed in your roster you should contact your Supervisor or Manager as soon as possible.

Cleaning kits

When you receive your work run you may also receive a cleaning kit. This will be assigned to you to use on sites depending on the job to be cleaned. The basic cleaning kits include: Back Pac Vac, Multi purpose cleaning spray, polish, and window spray. Toilet cleaner, pack of cloths, bucket, mop pole and mop head, 72l black bags, white 32l bin liners. Ask your supervisor/ Manager about the cleaning kit.

Chemical distribution procedure

When you receive your cleaning kit you will have chemicals within the kit. You will have to sign for your chemicals. When you require refills you will have to contact your supervisor and request more chemicals and complete the relevant form before they are distributed. The chemicals can be then picked up for the office.


  • To facilitate a 10 step learning program to all employees of the company
  • To acknowledge Safety of our employees is of paramount importance to us.
  • To ensure we carry out Toolbox meetings once per month following a set agenda.
  • To ensure our administrative and accounting meets the needs of our customers.
  • To ensure all our customers are receiving a professional, high standard services at all times.

Management structure:

Connect Cleaning Pty Ltd

Managing Director: Jason Rooney

Business Development Manager: Phillipa Rooney

Supervisor Warrumbungle: Joyce Stewart

Supervisor Hunter Valley: Kirrily Crawford

Areas responsibilities:

Connect Cleaning Grounds, Connect Cleaning Safety, Connect Cleaning Hygiene and Connect Cleaning: Jason Rooney

Connect Cleaning Grounds

Connect Cleaning services offer grounds maintenance service. This is all part of Connect Cleaning being able to offer a more complete package of property services to our clients and hopefully open up further opportunities. At this stage lawn maintenance, weed control, and minor garden maintenance.

Connect Cleaning Safety

Connect Cleaning provides testing and tagging services for all plug-in electrical appliances. This service is provided to test all equipment to ensure the workplace is compliant with Australian Standard AS3760-2010. The Occupational Health & Safety Section AS3760 20001 requires all businesses to have each of their electrical equipment and appliances certified, tested and tagged for safety compliance.

Connect Cleaning Hygiene

Connect Cleaning provides a sanitary bin service using Biodegradable sanitary bins? TERRACYCLIC™ is the only sanitary bin disposal unit in the world made from Biodegradable plastics and chemicals and is also designed not to be reused. It is completely safe to return to the earth through normal refuse disposal. Once land filled the plastic components breakdown and will not leach any chemicals into the soil.

Connect Cleaning

Connect Cleaning services provide all aspects of cleaning, including commercial cleaning, window cleaning external and internal. Floor maintenance- strip and seal, new builders clean, washroom services, tile and floor cleaning. All our cleaners use the same chemicals and are trained on usage and dispensing, the cleaners here at Connect Cleaning services all go through a induction program and then onto a training program, so they are all up to date with the new techniques and machines used on site.

Connect Cleaning Learning and Training Process

Here at Connect Cleaning Service we have created a 10 step training program which provides a great opportunity for people who want to learn more about the industry, this program also gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace and you always have a supervisor or team leader on hand to help you with each of the steps.

The training program can be completed on line from a direct link from our website http://www.connectcleaning.net.au/staff-portal/ or alternatively you can request the training booklet. After you have read the information and answered the questions your supervisor or Team leader will talk you through the Connect Cleaning policy and procedure that needs to be followed and also the work place method statement. Once this is all completed and the Supervisor or team leader has seen you can adequately and professional carry out the task you will be signed off and you can go on to the next training step. If you are completing your training online, you will have to complete each step in order to open up the next step.

If you are completing your training in the booklet form you will need to return your booklet to the office or hand in to your supervisor for it to be signed off as competent, then you will receive the next step. These will then all be marked and signed off as competent in your personnel file.

Once all 10 steps have been completed you will receive a letter of completion and certification of completion.