Safety Induction

Module 1 The Safety Policy
Unit 1 Our job as your employer
Unit 2 Safety is also the Managers and supervisor’s Business
Unit 3 If you are an Employee or Contractor
Module 2 Arrive to work / Commencing Work
Unit 1 Drugs and Alcohol
Unit 2 Prescribed/over the counter medication
Unit 3 No smoking Policy
Unit 4 Grooming and Hygiene
Unit 5 Prevention of Hazards… STOP AND THINK!
Unit 6 Identifying hazards in the workplace
Unit 7 Why do we need TOOLBOX Talks and Safety meetings?
Unit 8 Manual Handling
Unit 9 Slips, Trips and Falls
Unit 10 Chemical Handling responsibilities
Unit 11 Working alone
Unit 12 Working with electricity
Unit 13 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Unit 14 Colour coding – Equipment and materials
Unit 15 Safe use of chemicals
Unit 16 Safety Induction Quiz