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The Connect Cleaning Group provides a full range of office cleaning solutions and services all types of businesses or industries, from large multinational companies to smaller local businesses.

The cleanliness of your place of business has a significant impact on your company’s brand identity and customer perception. Having a clean office environment is a fundamental element in running an effective and successful organisation. Cleanliness and hygiene affect the health and wellbeing of employees and play roles in people’s job satisfaction and productivity.

Connect Cleaning Group is committed to providing the best commercial cleaning services in Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Maitland. Our mission is to offer you the highest quality products and services with our staff of experienced, courteous, and trustworthy professionals.

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Superior Quality Office Cleaning

Your office serves not only as your place of work but also as a venue to make a first impression among your clients and to make a great one you have to ensure that they see a clean and organised space. We are here to help keep your office premises as clean as can be by providing you with first-rate commercial cleaning services that are customised to your specific needs and budget.

A clean office plays a role in employees’ wellbeing and can influence workplace productivity in many ways, including the following:

  • Saves time - a lot of time is wasted going through a disorganised workspace to look for documents or other objects, so a clean and tidy office allows you to keep track of things more easily and smoothly.
  • Increases focus - a messy and cluttered working environment can be very distracting, while a clean and well-organised office promotes better work focus and increased productivity.
  • Decreases stress - having a cluttered workstation may have effects on your concentration and performance, and can lead to stress.
  • Improves employee attendance - an unsanitary workplace can cause illnesses among employees and lead to absences and sick leaves.
  • Better morale - a clean office environment can influence the mood of your employees and can boost their level of happiness, leading to better job performances.
  • Higher profitability - the loss in productivity due to unclean and untidy work environments leads to loss in revenue decreased long-term profitability

Expert Cleaning Services

We use top of the range technology to monitor our staff while on-site -- we can track who is in your office premises, their time of arrival and exit, and the specific areas of your facility that they enter.

All of our cleaners go through a strict employment screening process and safety and security checks, so you can be confident that the work will be carried out by trustworthy people. We guarantee that our cleaners will provide you with the highest standard and professionalism.

What can we offer your organisation?

  • Daily, weekly, monthly cleaning or any time frame your organisation requires
  • Every one of our staff will treat your office with care as if it was their own
  • Tasks include general vacuuming, floor mopping, removal of dust and grime from all surfaces, kitchen/pantry cleaning, washroom hygiene, disinfection, window cleaning, carpet steaming, and more
  • Our cleaning services are customised based on client requirements and can fit any budget sizes
  • We use only non-toxic cleaning and disinfecting chemicals to make sure your office is safe for your health
  • Our staff members are police-checked and meet our strict employment criteria so they can be completely trusted to perform their work with honesty and respect for others
  • We work around your time and convenience, and are available to service your office during normal work hours without causing disruption to you, or during after hours if need be.

Our Promise of Excellence

We are continuously working to become one of the most respected and sought-after office cleaning service companies in Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Maitland. You can count on our promise to provide you with the topnotch customer service and a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. 

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