Pure Water Window Cleaning


The pure water or water fed pole window cleaning system is simple in principle. Water straight from the tap is impure. To varying degrees depending on where you are in the world, it’s full of impurities including minerals and sediments. These impurities are the reason why you can’t just hose a window or a car down and leave it to dry, as you’ll end up with spots and streaks all over the place.
A pure water window cleaning system uses (as you’ve probably guessed) pure water, meaning these impurities have been removed. This means that when cleaning a window with pure water, as long as you’ve cleaned and rinsed away any dirt that was already there, you can leave it to dry naturally, 100% spot and streak free.

When on site, it is pumped via hosing to one or more operators using telescopic poles of varying sizes, with cleaning brushes on the end. These poles allow window cleaners to reach and clean windows at heights of up to 70ft from the ground, without touching a ladder.

The windows are then left to dry naturally and, provided the correct technique has been used, the result is a perfectly clean spot and streak free finish.

But I’ve been told it doesn’t work.

People, ranging from traditional window cleaners to potential customers, have said to us “but it doesn’t work”. So does the water fed pole system actually work?

The pure and simple answer is yes, exceptionally well. But, like any tool or piece of equipment, it has to be used correctly to get the best results.

You can’t give a chisel to someone who isn’t a carpenter and blame the chisel for a bad job.
Yes, contrary to popular belief, there is skill and technique involved in pure water window cleaning, you cant simply rub a window with a wet brush and expect a perfect finish!

The reality is, water fed pole cleaning is now the defacto method of commercial window cleaning in many parts of the globe.
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