Cleaning Procedures in a Medium-Large Corporate Business

Commercial Cleaning in Newcastle NSW for corporate offices

A corporate office is a place where people spend a lot of their time working, so it goes without saying that it should have good cleaning procedures in place to be as clean as possible, to avoid the spread of germs and infections.

Office cleaning can take up a lot of time and money which could otherwise be spent on other things like improving productivity or employee efficiency. That’s why many corporate businesses in Newcastle decide to hire commercial cleaning experts in Newcastle for this. They need a cleaner who knows exactly what needs to be done when it comes to keeping the workplace safe for employees.

Effective commercial cleaning practices are based on sound cleaning procedures, cleaning schedules, proper equipment and reliable communication and consultation.

Providing Superior Cleaning for Corporate Businesses

While good cleaning reduces contamination, bad cleaning can actually increase contamination. Check your workplace for any of the following signs that indicate poor cleaning practices or a lack in proper cleaning schedules:

  • Floors are not fully dry and can still be accessed, leading to possible accidents.
  • Spills and contaminants are left unattended and lying around out in the open.
  • A build-up of cleaning product residues – can reduce the resistance to slipping on floors.
  • Cleaning equipment and cords are left across walkways.
  • Cleaning is ad hoc, unplanned and reactive to spills and mess, instead of properly scheduled.
  • Cheap, poor quality, inappropriate or dirty cleaning equipment is used.

Commercial Cleaning in Newcastle NSW for corporate offices

Newcastle Businesses Demand the Best in Cleaning Procedures

Medium-Large corporate offices in Newcastle often welcome VIP clients and other important visitors, so naturally their premises may require high-shine furniture polish in their lounges and executive offices.

Depending on what types of flooring the commercial office has, you may require floor buffing. There are two main polishing machines we can use to get a beautiful glossy finish on floors: a low-speed floor buffer and a high-speed burnisher. Both give a similar finish, but burnishers are more time and cost-effective in large-scale commercial property and office cleaning, which saves you time overall by hiring a professional to do this.

Office Cleaning for Corporate Offices

Commercial Cleaning in Newcastle NSW for corporate offices

Many medium-large corporate businesses have a lot of glass, which can be quite difficult to keep regularly clean. Some businesses may hire a glass cleaner separately, as not all cleaning companies offer this service. Connect Cleaning offers our pure water window cleaning system, which uses (as you’ve probably guessed) pure water, meaning impurities of normal tap water have been removed. Our window cleaners in Newcastle can reach and clean windows at heights of up to 70ft from the ground, without touching a ladder. This is usually a much cheaper option than having to hire expert abseilers to clean your commercial windows.

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