4 Ways Commercial Cleaning can Improve the Workplace

Commercial Cleaning in Newcastle NSW for the workplace

Some people may roll their eyes when you suggest a clean workplace can improve your employee’s productivity and motivation. While it may seem an odd claim to make, commercial cleaning services and maintaining a clean work environment can actually have a significant positive impact on workplace productivity and motivation!

Here are 4 ways that Commercial Cleaning can improve your workplace:

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Reduces the number of staff sick days
  3. Boosts employee morale and productivity
  4. Cost effective


Reduces Stress

Most of us workplace employers/employees don’t cope particularly well in cluttered, dirty environments and, for many of us, working in these kinds of work environments can increase stress levels. A stressed employee is unlikely to produce their best quality of work.

When you’re turning up to work on a Monday morning you would dread having to then clean up mess from the week before, cleaning tables/chairs, vacuuming and cleaning spills or food scraps from your workplace. We ensure your office, kitchen and bathroom areas will be cleaned as regularly as you wish, so you will be ready for the day ahead with no cleaning chores to disrupt you!

Commercial Cleaning in Newcastle NSW for the workplace

Reduces the Number of Staff Sick Days

A significant problem for any business owner can be attributed to staff absences and presentee-ism. It can cost your business money and impacts the productivity of other staff members.

Presentee-ism is where employees will come to work while they are sick, but are unproductive because of their symptoms. This can have a significant effect on the day-to-day running of a business, and actually studies show 5% of Australian workers call up sick each day and, if employees do come to work sick, they lose 6.5 productive working days per year.

The same studies show that having a professionally cleaned workplace leads to a 46% reduction in staff absences due to keeping areas contamination free.

Commercial Cleaning in Maitland NSW for the workplace

Boosts Employee Morale and Productivity

A well maintained and clean workplace can positively effect your staff morale, which can then create a productive work environment through increased focus, decreased stress levels in staff and less wasted time.

Whether you are in an office workspace, retail store or a factory setting, all of these areas can greatly benefit from either a one-time deep-clean, recurring weekly cleans or monthly cleans – this is one of the best Return on Investments (ROI’s) a growing business can expect to see.

Commercial Cleaning in Cessnock NSW for the workplace

Cost Effective

Our Newcastle Commercial Cleaning services can work out to be very cost-effective, even when you’re spending a little extra money. In the bigger picture, commercial cleaning can actually be quite an effective money saver!

In an indirect sense, when your employees end up regularly calling in sick due to an unclean workspace, it can cost businesses hundreds of dollars a day, and actually costs the Australian economy $33 billion in lost revenue each year!

An unclean workplace has strong correlations with employees calling in sick or being unproductive, which is why it’s very important to hire commercial cleaners in Newcastle to maintain the cleanliness of your workplace and help keep your employees healthy!!