Sanitex MVP Luxury Foam Soap Refill

Sanitex MVP Luxury Foam Soap Refill


The Sanitex® MVP Luxury Foam Soap is a mild foam soap that cleans and moisturizes hands effectively. It creates a lovely thick, rich foam which encourages frequent use.

Dermatologically tested, the Sanitex®

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Handwashing is the easiest and single most effective way to halt the spread of bacteria and germs that can lead to avoidable illnesses. SanitexTM hand washing and sanitising products ensure that hands are clean and hygienic.

This soap refill comes in a durable, seal cartridge which ensures optimum hygiene at all times. Each cartridge comes with a new pump guaranteeing optimum performance and the packaging allows for no spills and is fully recyclable.

This soap is dispensed in either our HS automatic or manual MVP soap dispenser. Fixed 0.5ml shot size, providing approximately 2000 shots per refill. Only one dose is required per hand wash.