Spring Cleaning Your Office Building

Spring Cleaning for Office Buildings at Connect Cleaning Newcastle NSW

A good spring cleaning of your office building is vital in keeping your staff and customers safe and healthy.

Most regular commercial cleaning involves high traffic areas and the cleaning of day to day mess and dirt. But it is also important to invest in a good spring cleaning that will concentrate on those hard to reach areas or those areas that are not focussed on in your regular cleans.


People walk in all types of dirt and debris when they enter your office building. Especially over winter when we experience a lot of rainfall and people can track in mud over your floors.
A good, deep clean of your carpets and flooring will not only protect workers and visitors to your office building, but can also extend the life of your flooring.
A spring clean of your floors includes:

  • A deep clean and spot cleaning of your carpets and matting
  • Thorough vacuuming of those areas missed in a regular clean, such as corners and behind fixtures
  • Thorough scrubbing of tiled and concrete surfaces


It is important to ensure your windows are professionally cleaned thoroughly inside and out, as it allows natural light to enter, which improves circadian rhythms and sleep patterns as well as helping our bodies produce Vitamin D.
It can also help workers focus better and generally makes us happier!
Connect Cleaning Group uses a pure water fed window cleaning system to ensure a 100% spot and streak free finish.


Ensuring that dust build up is removed from hard to reach places, such as on top of cupboards, light fixtures, vents and on top of doors will help reduce the number of allergens can can cause irritation.


Furniture can hold trapped dust and dirt which will affect the air quality and overall appearance.
A deep clean is necessary to remove nasty odours, dirt and stains. Attention should also be paid to tables, desks, shelves and chairs, as these can all hide dirt, dust and debris that can negatively affect staff and visitors.

Pressure Washing

A good pressure wash of outside surfaces and entryways can extend their life as well as create a more appealing and fresh look. Prolonged rain can push dirt and debris towards exterior corners and look messy and uninviting, as well as create hazards.

Tree Pruning

Take care of any overhanging branches around your building and ensure they are away from gutters and windows. For help with this, as well as any other commercial garden maintenance needs, contact our sister company, Simple Lawns!

If you want to invest in a highly beneficial spring clean for your premises, Connect Cleaning Group can help get your office back to tip top shape. We provide value in spring cleaning your office building with the use top of the line tools, equipment and products, and our staff are highly trained to ensure your premises are a clean and safe place for everyone.

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