What Is Testing And Tagging?

Electrical Testing and Tagging with Connect Cleaning Group Newcastle NSW

You may have been told that you need testing and tagging done on electrical equipment in your business , but what exactly does that mean?


Testing and tagging is the process of a qualified individual visually inspecting and electrically testing electrical equipment for personal safety.
The testing occurs with the piece of equipment being plugged into a Portable Appliance Tester that tests the earthing (grounding) continuity, soundness of insultation and polarity.
If the piece of equipment passes each of these, and the visual inspection, then it gets a tag on the power cord that states the date of the testing, the date of when the equipment needs to be tested again, the name of the tester and that it was tested to AS/NZS 3760.

The AS/NZS 3760 is the Australian Standard that provides guidelines and regulations for the test and tag industry with regards to electrical safety of appliances.
It sets out recommendations to issues such as test and tag intervals, defines who can test and tag and general guidelines.
They have table that states the intervals for electrical equipment testing:

testing and tagging inspection intervals for electrical equipment

The green column is where to look to know how often each piece of equipment in the blue column needs to be tested.

Every owner of a business should be up to date with their testing and tagging for the safety of their employees, their business, and themselves. Regular testing should be important for all business types.
Even individuals that work in a home office should consider getting their computers, printers, audio visual appliances and monitors tested to help prevent any hazards.
Every business has to comply with the state and federal safety regulations, so regular testing and tagging should become an integral part of your overall business safety plan.

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