How Hygienic is your Workplace Washroom?

Workplace Hygiene Services and Techniques

The extent to which fellow workers follow the unwritten, yet golden rules of public toilet usage is quite important when you consider that the average person will spend one third of their lifetime at work. While we hope and trust everyone practices the basics, like flushing and handwashing, washrooms of any kind are still breeding grounds for all manner of bacteria, viruses and germs.

An unsanitary business or office washroom can cause major problems from increasing absenteeism due to illness, to decreased staff morale. The state of the business washroom will have a lasting impression on employees and customers alike, shaping their perception of that business, which ultimately affects reputation.

With flu season approaching, it’s particularly poignant to be thinking about hygiene. Hand washing is the single most important factor in limiting the spread of illness and disease in the workplace. Many studies on washroom habits have concluded that as many as one in four people either don’t wash their hands, or just run the water without effectively cleaning them.

Hygiene Services Hunter ValleyAs patrons of workplace or public washrooms, the following hygiene practices are recommended:

  • Hand washing – to properly remove microorganisms from the hands, a minimum of 20 seconds of scrubbing is encouraged.
    After washing, drying is also important. Bacteria may remain on washed hands, and this is more easily spread when hands are still wet. Towel or blow dry.
  • Keep the toilet bowl clean. While regular maintenance cleaning is a must, on an individual level, simply flushing after each use will help.
  • Place the lid down when flushing. Flushing causes an invisible spray of toilet water, called a plume. By closing the lid, you’re preventing the bacteria within the plume from spreading.
  • Avoid touching anything you don’t need to make contact with. Everything from the door handle to the soap and towel dispensers may be harboring infectious material.

Even when all items of workplace washroom etiquette are practiced, this is an area that needs careful maintenance. Did you know Connect Cleaning can take care of all business washroom and hygiene needs? We make the process of business washroom hygiene easy and affordable for our customers. Our services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Sanitary disposal – Automatic and manual units
  • Air Care – Spray air freshener, Deodorizer
  • Hand Care – Soap dispensers (liquid or foam), Sanitizer
  • Washroom products and dispensers – Toilet paper, Rolls, jumbo rolls or interleaved, Hand towel, Interleaved or roll

Connect Cleaning has options available for every budget! If the state of your restroom isn’t up to standard and customers or staff are noticing, or you’re shopping around for high quality services at affordable prices, give us a call today on 4966 1984.