High Cleaning and Window Cleaning

High Cleaning and Window Cleaning

We have recently purchased a new Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System that can reach the height of a third floor building and this gives us access to clean many high areas including signage and windows.

By using Deionized Water through a filtration system, we are able to clean windows streak free without the use of any chemicals.

Benefits of DI Water For Window Cleaning

De-ionised water is important in high end cleaning because:

  1. DI has all or most of its mineral content removed it is very hungry to acquire minerals from the dirt and contaminates on the cleaning surface
  2. A lack of particulates in the DI water act more efficiently in producing cavitations.
  3. DI is such an active cleaner it is ideal for use in cleaning systems with or without detergents.
  4. DI water leaves no residue on the surface, so you have no water spotting when DI water dries. Real advantage is that the thin film of salts that you get from dried tap water wouldn’t be there. If the DI water is simply being sprayed on the windows and left to dry, that could make a difference, especially in areas with ‘hard’ water.
  5. DI water will remove any remaining detergent or soaps when it is used as a rinsing agent in the rinsing phase and since it has no mineral content it leaves no residue on the parts (it is much more effective if it is heated to about 43 deg C.
  6. Tests (using an ultrasonic cleaner) proved DI water with detergents outperformed chlorinated solvents – solvents will only remove the particular contaminates it is designed for but DI water will remove a large range of contaminants.
  7. Detergents and other cleaning agents perform better is solution with DI water. The cleaning action is enhanced and the detergent is not wasted in converting the mineral content of the water, all of its cleaning action can be directed to the part.

Window cleaning, many people have cleaned windows for years and feel there way is the correct way.

Here are a few ways I have heard in the past:

Cleaning windows

What it entails



Using dry old newspaper rubbing the paper over the window

Takes forever to do, needs a lot of elbow grease, leaves the windows clean but with dusty paper drops so you have to go over again with a microfiber cloth to grab the paper bits.

Washing up liquid and a squishy

Hot soapy water in a bucket us a applicator to clean the window and wash the window with the solution, the squishy then removes the water

The washing up liquid is used to give the cleaner some slip when washing the window and using the applicator the cleaning is all done in using the squishy

Spray cleaners

Spray on the solution and use a microfiber cloth to clean the solution off

This is a great way to clean inside windows but it can be very time consuming and you end up going over the area a few times when working inside and outside a building


Used to clean the windows with a microfiber cloth or a squeaky and a applicator

Cleans the windows but often leave streaks and water spots when dry

All these methods have been used for years and they are all affective but there is an easier way to clean windows especially outside windows and that is by using a machine that filters the water and takes out the impurities leaving the water cleaner and more effective at cleaning the windows and leaving them streaky and spot free.

This is an easier more effective way of cleaning high-rise building from standing on the floor. No chemicals are used unless the windows are very dirty then you can use a chemical called Glyco mix that dries easier and quick and you use that before the water solution.

One thing to always remember is to clean the window frame first before the window because this is over 80% the reason why the windows can end up streaky form the dripping dirt on the frame.

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