The Truth About Carpet Protectors – Do They Really Work?

The Truth About Carpet Protectors – Do They Really Work?

The general assumption with carpet protectors is that they do protect carpet, and the decision to invest in this protection is usually a financially based one. However, the real pre-purchase question should probably be- does it really work?

If you’re looking in to carpet protection, here are some questions you may want to take under consideration:

1. What is it?
Carpet protection is a product that surrounds the fibres of fabrics, creating a shield of protection.

2. How does it work?
The fibres of carpet are what absorbs mess and spills in unprotected carpet. Carpet protection works by forming a barrier around the fibres that will repel dirt and prevent absorption of liquid spills.

This barrier does not mean you can leave the stain- it allows you time to remove the stain before it penetrates the protection.

Carpet Cleaning Newcastle3. Will my carpets then be completely resistant to stains?
No- there’s no such thing as an impenetrable carpet protector. Certain things, such as turmeric or pet urine will still stain protected carpets.

The degree of protection will also be dependent on your choice of protection, and the type of carpet you have. As with most things in life, the better the quality (and usually higher the price), the better the result.

4. How long will carpet protection last?
This will vary on multiple factors. Generally, carpet protection lasts around 5 years. When applied after cleaning, or to a brand new product, however, duration is probably about 2 years.

Carpet Cleaning Newcastle and Hunter ValleyIt is believed that steam cleaning will remove approximately 50% of the protector, and it does wear off over time, making re-application important.

Regular vacuuming is also recommended to extend the life of carpet protection products.

Carpets are a significant investment in your home or office. The additional cost of investing in protection will extend the life of the carpet by protecting from stains, spills and general wear and tear. As with all products, good quality is a must. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance to enjoy your carpet over the long term.

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